Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flashback Friday 6.0

Amy Tsuruta's Flashback Friday challenges are fun and easy, all you need to do is repost a certain type of card, etc. I was stumped though, with the 6.0 challenge from Yvonne Yam, to repost **The first card you blogged about that featured an unexpected find from your home**.  I am a follower of Yvonne's blog because she is a master with scrapbook layouts, and also because she can take a mix of the most unusual materials and create masterpieces.  Her first card with an unexpected find included a tiara :>)  After looking back thru my own posts, however, I learned that I do not leave my craft room when it comes to card making!!!  If I did not buy it in a craft store then most likely you will not find it on my cards.  
That being said, I did find a card using toothpicks that I did for a EBTKS challenge back in December 2009.  I suppose the only reason I went into the kitchen for this card was because toothpicks were part of the challenge.  If I remember correctly, I may have even bought toothpicks specifically for the challenge!  So here it is, I know the suspense is unbearable, my thrilling flashback card containing toothpicks...
I really need to think outside the craft room!  I did upcycle tonight though, by taking a faux fur vest with a broken zipper and turning it into a mini comforter for my daughter's dolls.  I am trying!!!
Why don't you reshare your own first card with a "find"?!!!  Link up your creation to Amy's Flashback Friday 6.0 by 11:59 pm PST Friday, January 7th, 2011.


  1. You are so funny gal! ;)

    I love your card! Love how those toothpicks frame the image! And all the red! :)

    Thanks for playing along with us on Flashback Friday 6.0! :)

    P/s: Great job on the upcycling...lucky dolls!!!

  2. Oh, how fun this sounds! Gee you have me thinking now and will bug me till I go find a classic! Love the pattern frame with the toothpicks - great card!!
    Thanks for sharing and getting me to think! LOL!

  3. woooooo hooooooooo...I knew you could find something:) I remember that EBTKS challenge...it stumped me so woot woot for you....great job!!!!! Hey, we wanna see your upcycled project:)

    Thanks soo much for playing along in Flashback Friday 6.0!!!!!

  4. Hey, I remember this card! It's so...wait for it...stinkin' creative! LOL

  5. What a challenging challenge this was!! Great job!! You were so creative with your recycling!

    Happy New Year!!

  6. I remember this card! i still think you're so stinkin' clever ;o) lol

  7. Bwah ha ha...toothpicks! Awesome!

  8. Wow, those toothpicks look amazing! At first I couldn't even find them - I was thinking where?!

  9. Very nice CAS card! Great idea to use toothpicks.

  10. Its fun looking back isnt it. I love the use of toothpicks - really cool
    love tasha xx