Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Monster is Done

First, here are some pics of wedding cards I made over the weekend. I was inspired by the one color challenge I did a couple weeks ago and this time decided to go with white.

I pulled out a stencil and paste that I have not used in years!! Along with a CB embossing folder {thank you to my sister for buying me the CB for my B-day, I did not think I would ever use it, but I LOVE it!!}, plus some ribbon and even with just one color, there is so much texture. I love the way the ribbon turned out and will be using this method again. I punched a hole thru the paper behind the ribbon and pulled a second piece of ribbon up thru the hole around the horizontal ribbon and back down to form a knot, securing the second ribbon with tape on the back of the paper. It lies so nicely and no fussing to make a perfect bow!
The second card is based on the 6/6/09 sketch from Lauren Meader here.

Now on to the monster...here it is, "the cake" for my daughter's Daisy troop picnic. There are no monsters on the cake, monster refers to the size! I admit, it is big. My husband said there was enough cake to feed everyone at the picnic and at the little league game in the park!! I did not mean to make it so big, but the pan the next size down did not seem large enough. I guess I should have just believed the serving chart which showed servings at um...128 :>). Mind you those are wedding cake servings and everyone knows those are teeny tiny.
16" x 16" and 4" high...I should have taken the picture with something else in it besides the cake so that you could tell just how big it was (but the cake was too big to get anything else in the shot ;>) )!

Thanks for stopping by!
Smiles, Julie

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