Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday, I received in the mail a box full of coffee.  I actually don't drink coffee, but I sure did love the contents of this box!
Photo taken from the blog Fresh Cut Flours
I won a cookie giveaway on Terri's blog Fresh Cut Flours!!!
YUMMO!  I received 4 of the cookies above.  I have 3 children, so each received one of the coffee cups and then my husband and I shared a circle. I was really hoping that my kids would not like the cookies so that I would get to have more :>)  Unfortunately for me, they loved the cookies.  I affectionately call one of my sons a cookie monster and the entire time he was eating the cookie he was repeating mmmm, mmm, mmm.
The cookies have a light almond and buttery flavor with a great texture that is just soft enough.  I wish I had taken a picture of my kiddos with the cookies, but they were gone too fast!!! As was my 1/2 - LOL!
I started following Terri because she makes beautiful (and now I know delicious) cookies and she also has a knack for refinishing furniture and re-purposing everyday household items to give them a new life.  Be sure to check out her blog!!!  Plus, she has another cookie giveaway going on thru Friday, July 15th.


  1. Those cookies look awesome and it's good to know that they actually taste good because so many of those kinds of cookies tend to suck. ;)

  2. shut up...those cookies are stinkin' adorable...

  3. YUM, they look so good! Congratulations!