Saturday, August 21, 2010

Need a Keeper?

 I went on a "Keeper" craze just recently.  I wanted packaging to dress up gifts and went with Perfect Presentation's "It's a Keeper".
For my first "Keeper", I made a box to hold welcome gifts for baby.  
I took my Cricut and increased both the width and depth of the keeper to make it big enough to hold 2 outfits and 4 baby toys.  (Yep, I changed the size - Leigh Ann should be proud of me!) 
 For my second keeper, I was looking for something to hold 3 full size bottles of hand soap.  I increased the width just a bit on this one, added some ribbon, button, twine and ta da...
Super simple, super fun and it made these ordinary gifts the "perfect presents".    Plus, these would make the "perfect" card gift set holder...hmmm :>)
Details:  Template- It's a Keeper (Perfect Presentation),  PP - #1 SEI and #2 SU, CS - SU, Buttons - #1 PTI and #2 stash, and Ribbon/twine - #2 stash.


  1. Fabulous gift idea - its so cute
    love tasha xx

  2. Love the Keepers! But when I went to the link you showed I could not find the Keepers... can you send it again?

  3. I am so stinkin' proud of you! LOL In fact, I had a dream about you this afternoon--I took a nap because I had 5 girls at my house last night for a sleepover and I was exhausted. Anyway, you stopped by my house on your way to Washington DC for a vacation. I'm further south than DC, so that you stopped by on your way is weird. Your sister was with you too and I was trying to sneak past the kitchen, where she was stirring some kind of sauce on the cooktop, so she wouldn't see me in my underwear! LOL See what a house full of 6-9 year old screaming girls does to you????!! I should have been dreaming of Gerard Butler but no, I was dreaming of you!

  4. These are fabulous! I thought you had just altered some pre existing boxes and now am blown away that these were all handmade! So cute!

  5. I'm so proud of you!! I haven't tried to increase the size yet - I was proud of myself when I figured out how to just cut one cloud instead of the clouds and the landscape. LOL These look absolutely fabulous and were so very appreciated I'm sure. BTW Annie cracks me up! Gerard Butler is my new dreamy guy...