Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Post!!

I am starting this blog on a whim. I have been so inspired by all the wonderful crafting blogs out there and this is a wonderful way to share ideas! Last Minute Crafter describes what I am to the "T". I am a Mom to three and work full time, so I take whatever few extra minutes I find in a day to create.

I always have a "great gift idea" that I am finishing at the "Last Minute"! I can be found creating a card minutes before the guest arrives, or as is typical me, finishing a project on the way to deliver it :>).

I carpool to work, so I can easily be found crafting on the way (on the days I am not driving LOL!!), the only rule in the car is no glitter :>). Late at night is another favorite crafting time, once the kids are in bed.
So thank you to all the other bloggers out there and may this be a fun adventure that gets me crafting more! I have years to scrapbook so I need to get started :>)

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